While Lightning’s website — lightningbikes.com — is the best information source on Lightning recumbent bikes, it lacks a moderated forum where Lightning riders — and would-be riders — can freely exchange ideas. Recumbent sites with forums exist, like wisil.recumbents.com. But why bore all the non-Lightning folk to tears with endless writing about our favorite recumbent marque? We need a place of our own. Especially when the weather gets brutal and riding time is restricted. A rough winter is a good time to blab about cycling and rebuild your bike.

Curious about recumbents, and considering a Lightning? Want to modify a Lightning, or fix a problem that puzzles the local wrench? Post your questions here, and draw upon the collective experience of other cyclists. Got something Lightning-related to buy or sell? Let us know. The discussion can range freely, as long as the focus stays on recumbent cycling generally, and Lightning bikes in particular. Just one ground rule — the credo of Human Powered RaceAmerica (HPRA):

“Go fast, have fun, promote technology, don’t be an ass.”

Greg DuVall, Tom Howe, and Gerry Pease left to right, at Playa del Rey, California
The 3 F-40 riders pictured above are Greg DuVall, Tom Howe, and Gerry Pease left to right, at Playa del Rey, California.

Forum rules

Differences of opinion are fine, trolling & flaming are not. Who decides which is which? Me. My name is Joel Dickman. I’ve been riding recumbent bikes for over thirty years. I’m a long-standing (sitting?) member of the Lightning tribe, but new to running a website, so please cut me some slack when technical problems happen. Pictures of Lightning bikes — especially bikes that are distinctive — would be fun. Snap away and send them in.

If you want to post notes on the forum, you need to:

  1. First sign up. Just follow the steps. It is easy.
  2. Then email me your chosen USERNAME, along with the approximate date when you signed up. If you don’t send me an email telling me your USERNAME, you will be blocked from posting notes. You can read, but not write.
  3. Once I get your email, I will unblock you. Then you can post, hopefully early and often. Why the complex sign-up procedure? It is the only way I can prevent the forum from being ruined by spambots. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Email me at joeldickman@hotmail.com.


Hardshell seat option available on new Lightning bikes — Interbike Show 2010
Side view of carbon fiber hardshell seats on new Lightning P-38 and R-84 bikes — Interbike Show 2010